My name is Christina Rasmussen. I’m 25, from Denmark, living in Peckham.

I write about wine and bars here. I am also a regular contributor to The Buyer.

I work for Westbury Communications – managing wine PR and trade relations campaigns.

I speak French and Danish.

How did I get into wine?

I’ve been interested in wine since I was little girl tasting out of a shot glass decorated with ducks, but it got serious in 2012 when I moved to Burgundy, and worked with Louis Latour.

I then moved to Paris and worked for a start-up organic skincare company, which was somewhat interestingly connected (studies of cacti and so on). I then went back into wine and am based in London. I still have strong links with France, travelling to Beaujolais and Gascony throughout the year.

I’m an avid wine discoverer, with a thing for skin contact wines (anything orange – gimme), and minimal intervention wines.

I have a strong interest in wine lists, hoping to write my own one day.

What do I do at Westbury?

We represent a multitude of wine clients from across the world, generating creative campaigns for amazing companies & regions helping them to succeed in the UK market and gain the recognition they deserve, in a method and language that works for them.  By working with tiny indie winegrowers, along with global producers, my goal is to find their niche and potential and current subject matter, through communicating, writing and events.

At the same time, it means I get to discover a whole world of booze, from pretty much every corner of the globe.

I currently manage various clients: Beaujolais, Plaimont Producteurs, Le Grand Cros, Marques de Casa Concha + Don Melchor, Tannico UK, Vinita UK, De Bortoli and Marisco.


7 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. Hi Christina. Do you organise wine tastings or can recommend tasting sessions in London,but not courses.

    My daughter lives in Copenhagen so I visit the city quite a lot. Any good tips about wine tastings, restaurants there ?

    Best regards John Farrier, Bergen,Norway.


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