Hackney: L’Entrepôt for wine, beer, food + art

I popped down to L’Entrepôt in Hackney Downs yesterday to have a glass of wine after work. It was sunny and warm, and they’ve set up a great outside area where we managed to get a seat, something that’s quite the rarity as we all know.

Plus, as an added bonus there’s an art exhibition on downstairs with Dan Jamieson‘s art (see below).



Originally an outpost of Borough Wines, L’Entrepôt has now gone independent, still listing a lot of their wines, but also buying independently now.

The bar boasts a good selection by the glass, no mean feat when most pubs only list probably around 8. What’s more – they’re really reasonably priced, and span a vast array of winemaking regions. This ticks a big box for me. In an ideal world, I’d like to see them list one or two more “out there” wines – maybe a skin contact (just my own preference talking, and I certainly don’t speak for the majority).


I tried the Rocca Maura, a Chardonnay from the Languedoc, from the Vignerons de Roquemaure.

Rocca Maura is the Provençal name of the black rock on which was built the castle’s square keep, and gave Roquemaure its name.

The wine is fresh, with a nice rich mid-palate, floral fruity, with a strong sense of citrus accompanied by richer pear and stone fruit notes on the palate.


Next, I opted for a wine not on the list yet: the Racine Pinot Noir from the Pays d’Oc, made by Bruno Lafon and Francois Chamboissier, of Nos Vins de Sud.

From the Limoux in the South of France, this wine comes from the best plots of Pinot grown on 20 hectares. Short extraction, so it’s a delicate, light fresh and fruity wine, perfect for summer drinking.

Notes of cherry, roses, red berries with silky tannins. This could even benefit from being slightly chilled.


They also serve a couple of beers on tap – the beers over at Crate, as well as The Five Points.

What’s more – they have an exhibition on. The wacky, hilarious and talented Dan Jamieson of Broth Art, I find to be like a ligher hearted David Shrigley, who I love.

I think art of this style is great, and Dan’s lighthearted portraits of celebrities bring them down a notch back into humanity.

I took some snaps of my favourites below. Would I Pick Ryan Gosling’s nose? Not so sure, but I know many that would.

Thx for a great exhibition, Dan.



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