A couple of weeks ago I headed to Brixton market for a friend’s birthday. This bar is in Market Row, a little hidden gem. From the outside, it appears small and you wouldn’t realise the upstairs part existed without venturing in. The main draw is that it serves £5 cocktails, something that definitely draws in 20-something-year-olds who, let’s face it, can’t quite yet rack up a huge bar tab. Furthermore, there’s a wide range of cocktails and not your average, weak “sex on the beach” or “woo woo” (bleugh) that unfortunately in London is normally what £5 gets you.


I started with the rhubarb mojito (being a strong rhubarb advocate), which was delicious. I cheated a bit on my second choice; the Lavender Negroni (£7) but Negronis being my favourite cocktails at the moment, it had to be done. I wasn’t disappointed either, the little drinking vessel was like something out of a late 1800s apothecary, and it was delicious with  tiny little piece of lavender poking up through the ice. Definitely worth £2 more!


My favourite aspect of the venue was all the graffiti; really bright, South American style strokes all across the walls in a multitude of colours. The kind of aspect that made everyone wish they were equally artistic. In our reserved room (an awesome space for around 20 people), with an old-school fan attempting to fan some fresh air, we could easily not have been in London.

If you find yourself in Brixton and in need of a drink with a tenner (or twenty) it’s well worth a visit.



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