Dragging myself up on a Sunday morning is never great, but at least when there’s clothes involved it’s manageable. We headed down to Mile End on a gloriously sunny day, weaving through some old Victorian streets (NB: it’s a beautiful area – I definitely wouldn’t complain with one of those houses). It was also very green – heading that little bit further East away from the pollution.

The vintage store itself is through some old railway arches, hidden tucked away behind a corner. In comparison to many of the other vintage shops in London, this one is entirely unpretentious and also surprisingly well organised (not delving heart and soul into a mound of damp, mouldy and probably flea ridden clothes was a slight relief – last time I did this I had an air of basement for the rest of the day).


You can choose either a “£10 bag” or a “£20 bag”, and fill it to the brim. A £10 bag goes a long way (we actually paid 12 because I got too attached to a knitted jumper I couldn’t quite squish in). Minus the jumper, that was equal to 2 denim shirts, 2 silk shirts, 2 cotton shirts, a flannel shirt, a top and another jumper. And very nearly these very fetching trousers…


Yes, that is a cow on its ass. In hindsight, I wish we had just taken them along too… They would bring a lot of joy to many an afterparty.

I’d definitely recommend it, especially the silk shirts were amazing value for price. It is definitely worth sifting through racks of old clothes for those occasional gems, especially when they’re pretty much just a pound each.


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