Last Sunday, I headed down to Whitechapel to meet two good friends and go vintage shopping at the East End Thrift Store. They were hosting a special long weekend  where they opened the majority of the store to racks and racks of leather jackets and bundles and piles and crates and boxes of old clothes.

When I first entered I was almost a bit shell shocked. There was SO much stuff I literally didn’t have a clue where to start and the music was pumping so loudly we might as well have been on a night out. I could have dived headfirst into the pile of clothes and not have been hurt – that’s how much there was!

I’ve been desperate to find a leather bomber jacket for ages but all the ones I’ve been able to locate have been crazy expensive. Here, there was enough leather to refurb probably 50 sofas. I quickly delved in and found not one, but two leather jackets. One is more of a thick bomber (with a  rip on the back but for a pound who cares?!), whereas the other is more lightweight.



I carried on rifling through and digging up some of the strangest clothes I’ve ever seen (ruffled dresses made of green velour, leather and suede?!) – some items really make you wonder who wore them, when, in what context, and occasionally just…why? For example, this jacket was very Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-esque and wouldn’t look out of place with the top hat for the musical…


I also managed to find an oversize, really thick wooly blue jumper which I was so pleased with! Not to mention a patchwork scarf and a blue wooly hat – all also only a pound. I was over the moon with my purchases, even though they did make my room smell a bit like an old person’s cellar – definitely need a good dry clean…


Next door, they have their permanent thrift store, which is a haven for all things vintage – tartan shirts, knitted multicolour jumpers, dresses, jeans, bomber jackets, hats, the list goes on… Prices are slightly more expensive here but quality is also very high (and at £10 a jumper that is perfect quality and unique, you can’t complain – look at high street prices!)

I mean… Would you find a dress like this anywhere else? As my friend said – it would have be the perfect choice for the Yule Ball (we had a Harry Potter party last year, damn – if only I had had it..)



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