My colleague and I were in Leeds for the weekend and found some time in for a visit to the well known vintage shop Blue Rinse. I had read about it before – three floors of old clothes = heaven. Not only that but London has unfortunately become so expensive for vintage things so I was hoping to be able to find some bargains.



Down on Call Street we soon found it and went upstairs to the women’s’ section. There was a HUGE array of tartan shirts, skirts, crushed velvet, leggings, scrunchies, scarves, backpacks, the list goes on… Weighed down by what must have been several kilos of clothes I tried them all on and eventually settled on a short pair of half black-half pattered leggings, an oversize black shirt, a silk pattered short sleeved shirt, a crushed velvet jumper and a crushed velvet shirt, a corduroy shirtdress, two pinafore/overall style dresses, a blue tartan skirt and a headband – a whole new (slash old) winter wardrobe for hardly anything! The shop assistant was so lovely and we chatted for a while about my time spent living in Paris and the vintage shops there (something I still miss – it still remains around half the price over there).


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