A couple of weeks ago, after visiting the Hackney flea market, Ness and I stumbled upon what can only be described as a vintage haven. Ironically, we were in a bit of a rush to get home and have a quick turnaround before heading up to Ally Pally to see the Libertines, but we managed to rifle through a few aisles. I have a serious penchant for oversize jumpers, and straight away I picked up a woollen grey, purple and blue one which I have been living in since (I told myself this would be the last jumper I would buy “for a while” – I can barely fit it in my already overflowing cupboard of knitwear).


Next, naturally the denim jacket section called to me and one particular acid wash jacket somehow managed to find itself in my hands and then at the till.

I will definitely be making a trip back soon for their Christmas jumpers (everybody needs a really unique xmas jumper) – they had racks and racks of some absolutely outrageous ones.




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