BEERHIVE: Coldharbour “Hell Yeah”

Summery Autumn days (yes I’m aware that’s a bit of an oxymoron but they do exist…) call for exploration. I recently moved to the Stockwell/Clapham North/Brixton triangle so my friend and I ventured down Coldharbour Lane to Camberwell.

Exploring on foot is something I’ve never really done much in London. A reliance on Citymapper and having lived in teeny Paris means I’ve unfortunately aquired an attitude of “London’s too big to walk.” NB: Paris is very approachable on foot – 40.7mi2; London is a whopping 607mi2.

However, I discovered Camberwell is only a 25 min stroll. It seems with a good pair of kicks SW/SE London is easy on foot.

On this stroll, we came across a sign pointing simply “Craft beer.” Obviously we followed it, through the back of Loughborough junction and all that seemed to be ahead was the car restoration/garage ramshackle side of the arches. It didn’t seem quite right (unless you were looking for a taillight or fender of a 90s Ford) but on we went and sure enough there on the left appeared Beerhive.


It’s a brewery. In those old railway arches they now brew beer. Working in wine, I’m used to the comforting heady scent of a fermentation room, with its warmth and peach-like alcoholic scent, but I’d never been to a beer brewery before and the hoppy smell had an equally soothing effect.


The brewery was created to help small indies create more & better beer, and it does.  We ordered 2 Coldharbour Hell Yeah! lagers and they were delicious – round and smooth with light notes of sweet hay.

We sat outside in a makeshift little cabin with car seats. It’s maybe the weirdest place I’ve drank beer, but definitely up there with the best. The brewery’s seating area is all mad from old wood and car parts/car seats; embracing Brixton’s scrap metal merchant history.

Thew brewery has only been around for 6 months or so, and there’s something so appealing about sitting in a place where the beer you’re drinking is made. I’ll definitely return for Oktoberfest…




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