My housemate Ness and I ventured East towards Hackney for the Hackney Flea Market, which takes place monthly. I’ve always been a huge fan of flea markets (I often went to le marche aux puces on my year abroad in Paris) and love finding bits and pieces that I know nobody else will have and supporting independent exhibitors. Located on a street in Stoke Newington crammed with all sorts of vintage shops and unique little boutiques, Ness and I quickly decided it would be a great place to live. We entered Abney Hall and it was like stepping into flea market paradise – several different exhibitors with stands with all sorts of fun and unique things.  After buying a pair of purple lensed John Lennon style sunglasses we moved along to the next stand where there were lots and lots of mice. Mice. Around ten to fifteen (and some kind of bird) arranged in all sorts of kitchen utensils, like this little one with a spoon in a teacup…


hey were also advertising taxidermy classes. Although I admit that I have a weird fascination with taxidermy (and actually quite like it) – as does Ness (taxidermy buddies) – I’m not too sure I could stuff my own mouse…

One stand had all sorts of random paraphernalia, including some test tubes with chemicals that look liked they were so old they could have been used to make Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein in 1818. Next to it there was another one that was possibly even weirder – some very creepy dolls were up for sale that I definitely wouldn’t want in my bedroom.

There was also a stand where a very talented artist was exhibiting her work, with various prints available for sale. I nearly bought one, but unfortunately I’m still in that student-working transition so I couldn’t really afford it. In a couple of years I will find her and get one! I have her details at home somewhere and will update this entry with them when I find them. It says “The devil whispered it is pretty but is it art?”


Opposite that stand there was a deal (Deal! Obviously I then had to buy something) on vintage milk bottles. They have great slogans and advertising and look pretty on my bedside table now. I also bought some old vinyls (one of which is Depeche mode, who I love) and I have used the sleeves for decorating at home. Next to the vinyls was yet another odd stand with even more taxidermy – this time a creepy fox that I also wouldn’t want in my bedroom.

I bought a REALLY great vintage canvas to hang up in my room – it has a green palm leaf background and a 3D tin parrot (it sounds very strange but it’s great) – Ness looked at me and burst out laughing and told me she hated it but I love it and the parrot is very happy in his new home.

Opposite another stand with (yep, you guessed it, a taxidermied duckling) was the food stand organised by the flea market with yummy home made treats like cookies and quiches – I had the mini quiche which was so good and only 75p!


It was an amazing trip and we both came away with great purchases – Ness found several silver rings for such good prices and I’m sure it’s going to become a monthly tradition of ours.

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